Hazel Woods Preschool

Tuition and Admissions

Tuition and Admissions

We absolutely appreciate and understand the challenges of raising young children.  We recognize that once your children begin elementary school, whether public or private, you will be called upon constantly to volunteer time and to raise funds for your school.  Since the preschool years are so magical and also so fleeting, we want you to enjoy this experience without the stress and unexpected expenses usually associated with preschool enrollment. 

We want you as a family to relax and enjoy this incredibly special time in your lives.  Therefore, we have tried in every way to simplify your relationship with our preschool.  As such, Hazel Woods’s tuition is unique in the respect that we are all-inclusive.  All snacks, hot meals, materials, social gatherings, special events, classes, and art supplies are included. 

Additionally, because we place tremendous value in family time there is no fundraising or volunteering requested of families.  Really, not even a potluck - it will all be taken care of :). 

Family time, vacations, and breaks away from preschool are in the family and developing child’s best interest.  Therefore, we provide ample seasonal breaks throughout the year.  Tuition is based on the 40-weeks per year we are in session and is not charged during our breaks. 

Seasonal Breaks
Autumn (2 weeks) The week before and the week of Thanksgiving
Winter (4 Weeks) TBD
Spring (2 Weeks) The week before and the week after Easter
Summer (4 weeks) The month of August

Hazel Woods’s Preschool class meets 4 days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We are closed on Monday's.  There are no partial enrollments.  

Annual tuition for 2019-2020 is $16,120.  Average weekly breakdown is approximately $403 per week.

Annual tuition for 2020-2021 is $16,925.  Average weekly breakdown is approximately $424 per week. 

Annual tuition for 2021-2022 is $17,773.  average weekly breakdown is approximately $445 per week.  

Payments - Tuition is paid in 11 monthly installments with no payment in August. 

Admission Fee - Upon acceptance of enrollment at Hazel Woods Preschool a one-time fee of $500 is required to secure your child's space in the Preschool.  The admission fee is non refundable and non-transferable except in the event of enrolling at an earlier date.  The deposit is not applied to the annual tuition.

Annual tuition fee increase - Tuition increase of 5% is effective every September.


To apply, the first step is to review our web-site thoroughly to ensure the philosophy, hours, tuition etc. meets your families needs.  Most questions can be answered on our website.  

The next step is to request an application packet.  This can be done on our "Contact Page" by providing your information and entering "Submit" or via email hazelwoodspreschool@gmail.com. 

After we have received your completed application we can schedule an interview/tour based on availability.  There is a fee of $100 to schedule an interview/tour, which will be applied to your tuition if you are enrolled at Hazel Woods Preschool.  Please note that we try to limit the number of interviews to a close approximation of openings, or for a short wait list.  So the interview/tour would be the last step before an offer of enrollment.  Please see the FAQ's if you have questions about the interview/tour fee.  

Interviews/tours are for parents only, and if more then one parent is making the preschool decision then both parents should be present if at all possible.  Enrollment is rolling throughout the year on a need be basis.  

Private interviews/tours are usually scheduled on Wednesday's at 2pm.  

Each tour is private and allotted 90 minutes to allow ample time to get to know each other and answer all your questions.  The tour is quite casual but to allow us concentrated conversation this meeting is reserved for parents only. We begin with a tour of the school going through the rhythms of the day, followed by sitting down for a cup of tea to chat.

Since our school capacity is limited to 14 children of mixed ages we have very few openings each year however, we have found that families with preschool age children are often making big life decisions and big moves. With many parents deciding to re-locate spaces often open up.  Additionally, we have found that the families that really want to get in, most often do :).

After the tours we will make offers for enrollment or place you on a short wait list for available openings.

License - Hazel Woods Preschool is licensed by the State of California (#197418165). 

Insurance - Hazel Woods Preschool insurance provided by National Care Provider Insurance (policy #2643427).