Hazel Woods Preschool

Hazel Woods Preschool Enrollment Procedures:

Thank you for your interest in Hazel Woods Preschool.  We returned to school on June 1, 2020 and it has been a wonderful adventure!  Preschools and Child Care Facilities have been deemed essential businesses and were not required to close in the shutdown.  We plan to remain open as long as possible with staffing and students etc.  

So much has changed in the last few months that we wanted a dedicated page/resource to specifically outline the new procedures for Enrollment.
The first step in the process would be for you to review (if you haven't already) all of the information provided on our website Hazelwoodspreschool.org so you are familiar with our hours, tuition, menu, philosophy, and the new Covid-19 Policies and Procedures. There is also a photo gallery, and reviews are available on our website, Yelp, and greatschool.org.

If you feel it is in alignment with what you are looking for, and you would like to schedule a telephone interview/then please email us with your child's full name, birth date, gender, and home address.  We will then send you an application packet.  Once we receive the application back in the mail we may schedule a 30-40 minute telephone meeting during our next available dates, based on available openings.

As much as we would like to meet with all curious families, we sincerely request that only serious applicants apply and/or schedule an interview meeting.

As you can imagine enrollment is a complicated matrix in the time of Covid-19, and there are many variables. We are making every effort to be as transparent and fair as possible. Additionally, we are limiting the number of phone interviews to a close approximation of how many openings we anticipate. The good news is once you get to that point; you have a very good likelihood of an offer for enrollment, or to be on a very short wait list. 

The phone meeting itself is quite casual and enjoyable; feel free to share as much as you would like about your child, and then you have an open forum to ask us any questions that you have.  We're sure you will have many!

We hope you find the individualized attention we provide to each family as valuable in helping you come to your decision. 

Our goal at Hazel Woods Preschool is to provide each child and family with a truly enchanting and unforgettable preschool experience.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope that this is the beginning of a magical adventure together!

Please feel free to email us anytime if you have any specific questions.

Here are the changes to our enrollment procedures:

The process is the same for you to send your child's name, address, and DOB, and we will mail out the application packet.

We are no longer allowed to have in-person tours or interviews, so we will be doing those via conference call and there is no associated fee.

We are usually booked up quite far in advance and were fully enrolled until September 2021. Currently enrollment is a very big unknown.  Many families have become unemployed and are unsure about financial futures.  Some are not sure when they feel comfortable going to school, and others are choosing to relocate.  So on one hand it seems like we will have plenty of openings, on the other, we are rolling into a child care shortage crisis.  Many schools are closing and of the ones that are able to remain open they are restricted to nearly 50% capacity, so it is quite an interesting time.  That being said, we have always had the philosophy that it always seems to work out, and the families that really want to go to Hazel Woods always seem to find a way.  

And lastly, the new restrictions we're facing with Covid-19 make school look different.  We are only a short while in, and I can confidently tell you that it is sweet, beautiful, and amazing!  Teachers and children are all so happy to be back! Many things have changed logistically, (masks, distancing, toy rotating, and soooo much hand washing) but the heart and soul is the same, and we are all having a wonderful time back at school!

Please see our website page dedicated to the Covid-19 Policies and Procedures. One thing to keep in mind is ALL schools have the same limitations and restrictions, so you'll need to follow your instincts to see what school and philosophy was already calling to you!  

Okay, so that's a lot I'm sure -haha, but it is where we are with things.  I look forward to getting your information, and getting an application out to you, and then we can have a nice chat. :)


Stay safe and happy ~ Patti

Patti Binder Program Director
Hazel Woods Preschool
12511 Rosy Circle, LA CA 90066
310 469-2787